Get Out of Your Own Head.

Another great class last night!

I started off a little shaky and iffy. We drilled one technique that involved going from sitting to standing and then a counter to the first technique that involved a sweep. I really get in my head when I have to do things that require good mobility. If anything is going to make me feel fat and old and roly poly-like, it’s having to get up off the ground quickly.


What can I say? I have a lot of drag in my ass. It’s big, it’s not always easy to lift, and sometimes I think it just straight up refuses to move in any kind of timely manner.


In the end, once I got out of my head and quit getting so embarrassed at my struggle with mobility, I really enjoyed what we learned. I do feel like I’m getting a little bit better at moving with the momentum of my body, but sometimes I still drag and stall just enough that that last little bit to come up is a struggle. I’ll get there. With the continued work with mobility drills at home and more weight loss, it will happen. If I compare my mobility today with my mobility from a year ago it’s a big difference. So, I know I’ll get there if I keep working at it.


Boom. Truth quote.

I’m slowly adjusting to this whole keto thing and ended up getting in four rounds of back to back rolling. I was really happy with that. Even happier that I seem to have my post-workout recovery down because I feel pretty good this morning. I mean I can definitely feel last night’s class, but that’s no surprise. That’s the morning after jiu-jitsu norm. I may feel like I was hit by a truck or two, but energy-wise I feel pretty great.

As far as rolling goes, last night was one of those nights that each round I could feel some progress and also walk away with a lot to process and learn from. It was just a great balance of being the nail and getting to be a little bit of a hammer too.


For a solid year I was the by far the weakest of the bunch at SFC. That’s not even a little bit of an exaggeration. Physically, mentally, and skillfully I was a walking disaster. Still am a lot of times. However, it’s kind of awesome now that I can see how beneficial it was to go through a lot that I did, to see how those struggles and learning to fight to survive has helped build me into a better person in all those areas. It’s fun to finally get to do a little dominating and not feel like I’m the weakest and least knowledgeable person there.


I ended up getting two submissions that I’ve never gotten before, an armbar from guard and an arm triangle. They were both on a newer white belt. I tried to work on things that I don’t get many opportunities to work on with more experienced people and I tried to not rush the submission and focus on getting each detail correct. It’s just an amazing feeling to finally be in a place where I can do that. Where someone else might be spazzing a little, but I can remain calm and move through the steps with the purpose of perfecting the details and not just rushing to get the submission. I feel like it was a really good learning experience for me.

I know, it’s not that most exciting or entertaining of a post, but I’m just really happy with where I’m at. I posted a short quote the other day on Instagram that is a perfect statement for how I feel right now.

Happy with where I’m at. Excited for where I’m going.

I’ve still got some head-case issues to sort through here and there, but I’m finding that I don’t get in my head so much in rolling like I used to. I can put my focus on learning and improving. It’s pretty amazing what can happen when we get out of our own way.


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