I know at this point my posts are probably starting to get a little repetitive. It’s been a year of writing about my experiences and challenges and victories and everything in between. There’s bound to be some repetition in there. Especially when BJJ is a constant battle of learning and improving yourself. If you are striving for growth and improvement, repetition is bound to find you and become the vehicle that drives you to reaching your goals. Who does something once and reaches a goal?


And, if you do, your goal wasn’t big enough.

My hope is that in my repetitive posts I can offer a little, teeny, tiny bit more of knowledge with each time I repeat that topic. Or, at least each time I repeat it, I can reinforce and prove just how important that something is.

The battle I have with my mental strength is the one on repeat right now. The good thing is that each time I struggle with it, I discover that I come back to take it on stronger than I was the first time. Repetition almost always finds success.

Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

The BJJ version? Try. Fail. Repeat. x 1,000,000


One of my biggest challenges and a constant repeating struggle has been my mental strength. It doesn’t really come as a surprise. I knew I was a mental mess the day I walked into my first class. I knew that that was going to be my biggest hurdle. I get in my own way more that I care to admit. Well, technically since I share it all here weekly, uncensored and permanently etched onto the interwebs, I do admit it every time I face it. Which is a lot.

I am admitting to you all, right now, that I was terrified for class last night and the possibility of another 20+ rounds of pass, sweep, submit. I really struggled in the last class and I was afraid. Afraid of the uncomfortable situation of not being able to grip fully with my left hand. Afraid of having to work more with my awkward, less coordinated side. Afraid of the almost certain defeat that would bring. Afraid of my mental strength crashing down to the floor because of it. But, I knew, going into class, what I needed to work on, what I needed to focus on, and I knew that I had to put myself out there, vulnerable to the same struggles, and try again. Except, in an effort to battle my mental hurdle, I added a little extra to the mix.

Try. Fail. Smile. Repeat.

I tried my hardest to shift my mental focus in a positive direction. Aim for working with what I know, learn from what I don’t, and, most importantly, have fun in the process. And, I DID have fun. Genuine, unforced, pure BJJ ass-kickin’ fun.


It’s absolutely amazing what happens when you get out of your own way. When you quit focusing on what you can’t do, stick to the things that you know, and focus on improving them. I had a ton of failures. A ton. But, I also had a ton of successes. Some really big and some really small, but plenty of them to plaster an authentic smile on my face. (Sweeping a man bigger than you literally off his feet and flat on his back will bring a kind of happiness into your world that nothing else can bring. BJJ is the shit.)

The difference between my post last Tuesday and today is all about mental strength. 100% mental. Just like any other strength you hope to possess, repetition is how you build it, and mental strength is no different.

Try. Fail. Don’t forget to smile. Repeat.

You have to tell yourself that no matter how defeated you are, how much you are struggling, that you will never give up.

And, then you never give up. M’kay.

BJJ “Focus on the Positive” Challenge – Last week I had trouble finding the positive and today it’s the opposite. My positive cup is overflowing. Let’s see…basically this whole post was positive today. What can I add? I feel like my guard passing is getting so much better. I feel like my top pressure is really improving. I had trouble for a long time, as a girl that never wants to feel heavier, with that part. Now I love it when someone tells me that I feel heavy. My sweeps still need work and I still struggle in guard, but I feel like I made some adjustments and improvements last night. I’m getting there.

Other positives, Ground Girl BJJ actually has sponsors now. What!?




If you are on a mobile device (I just wanted to sound fancy and not just say “phone.” It’s the little things that bring me joy.) you can check them out by scrolling all the way to the bottom of the page. If you are on a computer, they are listed/linked in the right sidebar. I’m pretty excited about both of these opportunities, what these two companies have to offer, and getting the chance to work together.

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