Be a Champion. Part One.


This is one of my favorite quotes.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know I say that a lot. Every quote is my favorite quote. It’s like an addiction. I have a quote addiction.

The chances of me ever being a champion in the athletic professional sense are slim to no effing way. But, I like the idea of calling myself a champion. I believe that the term champion doesn’t have to be reserved for professionals. We can be champions in our own ways.

The word champion is such an elite word and I know that the type of champion I can be doesn’t even compare to the “real” champions of the world. I promise I’m not trying to take away from that, from the elite that have earned that title. This isn’t a we are all winners, participation award-ish post.


It’s more of a with hard work, dedication, and a refusal to give up we can become a champion of our own and for the people around us. So many things we work hard for in life don’t have titles or trophies or an elite status, but they are still remarkable and champion-worthy.

I’m “probably” past my prime in an athletic definition.

*I say “probably” because it makes me feel better. The truth is that I should “probably” remove that word from the statement. My brain and my body says, “You are an old shit,” but my heart is struggling to accept the reality of aging. She encourages me to not give up just yet. I like her. Heart is always good. 

Okay. I’ll accept it. I’ll “probably” never be a champion in athletics.

*Dammit. My heart is really struggling to let that one go. She’s relentless with the “probably-s.”

But. BUT, athletics aside, there are so many other areas that I can take that “probably” out and reach champion status in.

The first one I want to work towards is, I want to be someone that is a champion for the moms and the older women.

Unfortunately, I don’t see many moms or women my age out on the mats at SFC. It can be a lonely place sometimes in that sense. I get that BJJ isn’t for a lot of women, but I hate to see women or moms that can let certain roles define their lives and dampen their abilities to better ourselves.

I can’t because I’m too old. I can’t because I can’t keep up with the younger ones. I can’t because I don’t fit the norm. I can’t because it’s a man’s sport. I can’t because there aren’t very many women out there. I can’t because I’m a mom and moms don’t do that kind of thing. I can’t. I can’t. I can’t.


We can. Period.

I am 36-years-old and I get out there with a room of young-uns and do my best to kick ass right beside them. Yes, there are some reality pills that are tough to swallow. I’m slower. I have my kids there with me and they will come up and interrupt me in the middle of class at least once a night. My gas tank empties out faster. Sometimes I feel like a little bit of a lone wolf because there is such a big youth population.

But hey, I hope to prove that us older moms can be savages of the home and the mat at the same time. We may be a little worn and tired from parenthood (sketchiest hood there is) but if we get out there and don’t give up, we can still kick some ass.

No “probably” needed for those statements.

Kids always go through that, “Well my dad can beat up your dad,” shtick. My goal is to get to a point where my kids say, “Well, my mom can beat up your dad,” and it’s true.


So listen. If you are reading this and you are an older woman or a mom, come hang out with me at SFC. If I can do it, you can do it! We’ll kick the ass, share tips on how to get matted Skittles out of the carpet, exchange horror stories of kids with Sharpies, and laugh at the tales that only moms can appreciate. (Like the one time, when my kids were toddlers and we were on a long drive and one of them shit out of his diaper and all the way up his back. Sigh. Motherhood. It’s messy to say the least.)

Just do it! It will be like a girl’s night out except we get to learn how to put people to sleep and break limbs. Come on! What’s not fun about that!?

BJJ “Focus on the Positive” Challenge, Day 4 – I’ve been trying to put myself in my weakest position lately to get better at it. I tend to get someone in my guard and kind of get overwhelmed with what to do. There are so many sweeps and submissions from there and I’m just not all that confident with my skills in that position. I’ve really been trying to just go for it and make the mistakes I need to learn more. Play around, see what works, what doesn’t, and try to stay patient. I went for a triangle a few times, an armbar, had some success with sweeps, did a back take attempt. I felt like I got in a lot of good work and learned a lot in the process.



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