I Heart BJJ


I had to lay down the law of discipline with myself after getting really frustrated on Tuesday. I only rolled once, gave up, and went home. On the drive home I was pissed at myself for giving up so easily.

Dammit, Allison!

The new rule is that I’m not allowing myself to leave until the clock reaches 8:30. I would set the time even later and stay longer but if my kids don’t get enough sleep they turn into little monsters that make me want to go hide in a dark closet and question my life choices.

Sometimes I exaggerate.

If I’m frustrated or wanting to give up, well, I’m going to have to learn to say to myself, “tough shit.” Suck it up, princess. Giving up is never, ever going to take me down the path of success. Ever. The best thing I can do is keep going, keep trying.

Show up. Work hard. Tap. Learn. Tap. Learn. Ask questions. Tap. Tap. Tap again. Learn some more.

Last night, I stayed until 8:30. I had moments of frustration and then I had moments of awesome. Had I left after the moments of frustration, I wouldn’t have had the moments of awesome.

My favorite thing about last night was realizing that you take away a little something from everyone. Each person I partnered with or talked to last night taught me something. Taught me a lot, actually.

It’s funny how looking in on BJJ from the outside, it seems like a sport that is more of an individual thing. What people don’t know is that there is more to it than that. There is very much a team atmosphere too.

And, as far as I’m concerned, a team of some of the toughest, bad ass-i-est (I like to make words up), genuine, and nicest individuals on the planet.

I heart SFC.

And, BJJ.

Also, pizza.

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