Stay Persistent

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I love Sunday class! I especially loved the class this Sunday.

We worked on the omoplata. I’ve done this once before a few months ago but I really struggled with it then. There is a good chance that I was still so nervous about BJJ that I was tripping up on being outside of my comfort zone. Like the nerves were making it harder to absorb the information. Some of it must have stuck with me though because it clicked a lot better yesterday. Yay for small victories!

And, then we worked on omoplata escapes.

That was were the clicking stopped dead in it’s tracks. I definitely learned that I need to work on rolls. Forward rolls, side rolls, back rolls. All the rolls. I really need to work on tucking my chin to my chest and tilting my head to my shoulder. It sounds so simple and then you see people do it and it looks so simple but my brain and body just couldn’t come together to make this work. It’s like my brain would go here and my body would go there.

I struggled a lot at this point and I could feel a little bit of frustration creeping in. What kept the frustration from taking over was that everyone was so patient with me. They let me drill it as much as I wanted. They helped with every little detail and took the time to fix what I was doing wrong. They showed me over and over how to do it and even showed me little drills I could do to become stronger at certain movements that would help. By the time we were done drilling it I could feel a big difference.

I am so grateful for the help yesterday. I could tell that these people just genuinely wanted to make me better. It felt like I got two hours of my own little private jiu-jitsu lesson. It was great!

I left the class with so many little nuggets of jiu-jitsu gold that I left excited about the next step, the next class. Chances are I’ll forget a lot of that gold and the other parts I’ll remember at all the wrong times or in moments where the opportunity has passed but it’s nice to have some of the pieces starting to come together. I love those “aha!” moments!

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