After each BJJ class I spend, at the very least, an hour or two trying to process what just happened. I’m thinking about what we drilled, what I did wrong, and what I can do to be better. My brain is just spinning with all the new information and I’m just trying to sort it all out.

I had a great class last night. I got to work on a few things I was struggling with – passing guard and sweeps, and I loved the drill we did on taking the back. I felt like I left class with a ton of new techniques to think about, process, and work on.

The second the I leave class and get in my car I turn the radio down and I am relieved to have complete silence. The wheels in my brain start spinning. I’m thinking about all the tiny details that I need to remember when…

Jackson: “Mom! Today we had a leprechaun that left glitter in our classroom!”

This, I’m learning, is the struggle of a BJJ parent.

Me: “That’s so cool!”
Me: (inside my head) Grab under the leg, not over…

Jackson: “Me and my friends tried to catch him at recess and we found some rocks that almost looked like gold. We thought maybe it was a clue.”

Me: “Did you ever catch him?”
Me: (inside my head) So, I have to cut the angle then…

Jackson: “No but our art teacher almost did but he hid in the closet and she couldn’t get to him.”

Me: “Wow! I bet that little guy is just too fast.”
Me: (inside my head) Push the head down, reach to the opposite hip…

Silence for a few seconds.

Me: (inside my head) Awesome. It’s quiet. So, I’ve got to remember…

Drew and Jackson: *hysterical laughter

Jackson: “I just farted. Did you hear it!?”

Me: “I must have missed it this time but I heard you fart a lot this morning so…”
Me: (inside my head) Did he say to use my left leg or my right leg…

This was how the whole drive home went. It’s like when your favorite song comes on the radio and you’re so excited to rock out to it but then you’ve got that friend, we all have that friend, that won’t quit talking. (I may have been that friend. Totally get how frustrating it is now. My apologies.)

Being a present parent and an engaging parent is so super important to me. I want my kids to know that I’m interested in what they have to say. I want to have fun conversations with my kids and I really, truly love hearing about their day.

But, dammit, Mommy needs to think about her BJJ!

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